Services Covered:

Under the new arrangements, services covered by Medicare through myself as an eligible midwife are:

◦ antenatal services
◦ postnatal services
◦ PBS medications on Midwives’ formulary

As an eligible midwife I have a Medicare provider number and a PBS prescriber number. This enables you to claim some of your antenatal and postnatal care fee under Medicare and receive subsidised medicines, if prescribed to you.

Midwives are legally required to hold professional indemnity insurance, and the Australian Government is supporting an insurance product as part of this package. This insurance does not cover the planned delivery of babies in the home.


Working with your care team

You can be assured that additional professional assistance is on hand to support your midwife, if required.

In order for you to claim your maternity care under Medicare, midwives must be working in what’s termed a ‘collaborative arrangement’ with a medical practitioner qualified to provide obstetric care – either an obstetrician or a GP obstetrician. This enables you to have access to an obstetrician or a medical practitioner who provides obstetric services, if you need one.

Photo taken by Debbie Fear

Collaborative arrangements further support you to receive continuity of care that is safe for you and your family.

This can be achieved through receiving a referral. The referral will need to be from a GP Obstetrician, Specialist obstetrician or a GP who provides pregnancy care (GP Shared Care).

I can help you achieve this through collaborative channels I have established, please contact for further information.